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  1. EXPERIENCE – we have over 30 years of expertise in fitness and movement education. We offer certified, well educated instructors that have worked with many different types of individuals and types of conditions. Whether you want to get back in shape at 50+ or need help recovering from an injury or joint replacement, we can help you.
  2. OUR APPROACH – we provide precise instruction to help you be aware of how you are doing an exercise and to make it easier with less effort. We start with a Health & Movement Analysis to understand your overall condition.  We check your alignment, balance, coordination, and strength to determine the right plan for you.
  3. SPECIALITIES - science based heart zone training, functional fitness, corrective exercises, rehab exercises for knee/hip replacements, Golf and senior fitness.

SWISSFIT Testimonials

 I highly recommend SWISSFIT training. They have a thorough knowledge of body movement and mechanics. SWISSFIT was able to quickly recognize a restricted movement with my knee that I had not even noticed. I was "cheating" using the wrong muscles. With Swissfit's help I am regaining flexibility and strength in the whole leg.  These trainers are amazing, patient and fun to work with.  

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All online sessions must be prepaid to receive an invite via Zoom or Facetime Meetings.

Payments can be done by Check or Quick Pay by Zelle®.

Send us an email for instructions.

Session Plans expire after 4 consecutive weeks from your starting date.

Refunds and Make-Ups are at the discretion of SWISSFIT.

We do have a 24 hr cancellation policy, the full amount will be charged if you miss your session.


Texts and phone calls cannot be answered during phone or Zoom meetings. For technical support or other questions please contact us before the scheduled session. Thank you!

Gentle Warm Up Routine

This video shows a full body Warm Up that is safe on your joints and easy to do. 

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