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Kathryn B.



Daniela is just a fabulous instructor and Feldenkrais practitioner. I've worked with Feldenkrais and Alexander technique, yoga and other forms of dance therapy and Daniella is the best that I have ever found. She understands the body and Feldenkrais better than anyone I've ever met. I've referred many people to her and I'm sure that you will be extremely pleased if you go see her for whatever your physical body needs are. Alignment, balance and body awareness are her specialties.requires special modifications in the workouts that Daniela and I do because of the pain I experience. Daniela, being very knowledgeable in the human body, and how It works, was able to put together a program that specifically meets my needs. Her work ethic is impeccable. She has helped me to control my pain levels, which to me, is priceless. I highly recommend Daniela for any of your conditioning needs.

Francie F.


As someone with chronic musculoskeletal pain, I never thought I would be able to successfully work with a personal trainer. After 2 knee replacements, 2 shoulder surgeries, and lumbar spine surgery, I was definitely not interested in training with anyone who believes in the philosophy of "No Pain, No Gain". Luckily, I found Kristin of SWISSFIT. Kristen makes our sessions fun and is always creating new challenges for me, while making sure that I don't injure myself. She comes up with adaptations to exercises that would otherwise be painful for me to execute. In addition to helping me increase my strength, balance, and flexibility, she has taught me things that I didn't even know I needed to learn...basic movements that I had been doing incorrectly all my life! Things like how to effortlessly get up and down from a chair or from the floor. How to lift and how to reach, without injuring myself. Kristen is helping me to retrain my body to move in the most efficient manner.

Evelyn N.



I have been seeing Daniela weekly for more than 1 year.  I first started with her Feldenkrais class and then continued with private weekly lessons.  We have done everything from conditioning and fitness to golf coaching to addressing different movement patterns to cope with activities of daily living. Each question or concern has always been met with a thoughtful response based on her knowledge of anatomy and training in Feldenkrais. She is helping me grow old gracefully without stress on my body.  I do not hesitate to recommend her.  

Bill N.



SWISSFIT  personal training has assisted me with my fitness training for two years. Daniela has made a significant improvement in my fitness level and provided a program where I should concentrate my efforts. Her knowledge of body mechanics, anatomical linkages and expertise allows her to prepare a customized and effective program to improve flexibility, balance and general conditioning. Her sessions are always fun as well as efficient.  I have the utmost confidence in the SWISSFIT approach and have no hesitation in recommending her to prospective clients.

Heather A.



I highly recommend SWISSFIT training. They have a thorough knowledge of body movement and mechanics. SWISSFIT was able to quickly recognize a restricted movement with my knee that I had not even noticed. I was "cheating" using the wrong muscles. With Swissfit's help I am regaining flexibility and strength in the whole leg.  These trainers are amazing, patient and fun to work with.  

Anthonette M.



I had a serious car accident and had home health care for 3 months. After many months of frustration I was referred to Daniela.  After working with Daniela for 5 months, my progress has been amazing.  Because of her use of the Feldenkrais Method and creative exercises I am now able to walk without a limp, climb stairs, and have improved my balance, coordination and core strength.  Examples of her creative exercise program, use of playground equipment in the park, therabands, and basketball movements. I highly recommend her.